What Ratio of Bleach to Water is Safe For Carpet Cleaning?

It can be easy to judge someone for having a dirty and uncared for rug, but you need to realize that such a thing can happen to anyone no matter how proactive they think they are at this current point in time. You see, carpet cleaning is a really difficult challenge to surmount because of the various things that need to be kept in mind while performing it. Hence, it can be surprisingly easy to let things get this far, but suffice it to say that just because things have gotten this bad doesn’t mean they have to stay that way without a shadow of a doubt.

After all, you can use all kinds of rug cleaning methods to make up for the years of neglect. One thing that you might be forced to do is use some bleach while cleaning out the one and only rug that is within your ownership. Some people might be up in arms about us saying this because they would assert that bleach is incredibly damaging to both synthetic as well as organic carpet fibers. However, we feel like if you dilute the bleach enough you can use it in a really say way.

The ideal ratio of bleach to water is about one cup of bleach to about one to one and a half gallons of water. This makes it so that the bleach would not strip any color out of your rug, and what’s more is that you can take advantage of the germ killing power that this chemical has. Bleaching your rug with a diluted dose allows you to rejuvenate it for the most part.