Tips to Help You Unwind During a Massage

Going for a massage every month is perhaps the only reason why we look forward to the end of another week. As weekends pass and the time for getting a massage comes closer, you might be tempted to cancel or make your way out of the appointment. Whether you’re unsure about the treatment or don’t want to pay a hefty sum for your massage, try not to cancel your appointment. The first times of any therapeutic treatment might take its toll on you, but you’re here to relax – so lie on your back and relax.

If your massage therapist is anything like Gian Franco of, then walk into that clinic or spa with sheer confidence. A prime massage therapist will not only understand the reason why you’re here, but will also make sure that you leave the spa much better. Mentioned below are a couple of general tips that you should know before going to your first massage therapy.

Don’t Eat or Shower Before Your Massage Therapy

Don’t just walk into the massage therapy clinic as if you’re expecting to go in a cocktail party. Eating and working out right before getting a massage are highly irregular. You might feel uncomfortable, lightheaded, and nauseous if you lie on a full stomach. Try to drink a lot of water and don’t hesitate to use the restroom, even if you are aroused.

Lie Down And Relax During Your Massage Therapy

If you don’t want to undress fully, then it is completely alright to take a few items of clothing off as per your comfort level. We’ll advise against using your phone or listening to music, as this is the only time when you’ll have complete body autonomy to yourself.

If your massage therapist is exerting too much pressure, then speak up, but make sure not to indulge in a conversation as it will not help you relax. If there are any health concerns that your massage therapist should know, for instance, back acne or allergy to oil, then it is better to convey beforehand.