Selecting a Lawyer For Yourself

You do not need to be rich, in the middle of a divorce, or a criminal to need a lawyer. There are many situations where you might require a lawyer’s assistance, and even if you do not need a lawyer immediately, it is always good to have their contact information if you ever do need them at any point later on. A good lawyer can mean life or death in certain cases, so it is better not to skimp out here, and in case you are looking for potential options, you can look into Armstrong & Surin and see if you like what they have to offer.

  • If we are talking about the bare minimum, then your lawyer must hold a degree and have cleared the Bar exam as well. If you want to be more particular here, you can check and see if your potential lawyer has gotten any warnings or notices from the State Bar as well. This way you can be sure that your lawyer has a squeaky clean record.
  • If you want a lawyer to handle divorce-related or money-related cases, then we would suggest going for a lawyer that specializes in that field as opposed to opting for a general attorney. Lawyers that have taken the time to specialize in a specific area of the law will always perform better than a general lawyer or attorney.
  • Not every lawyer keeps a count of their wins or losses in court, but you can always ask your potential lawyer about their success rate, and if they say 100%, run the other way because they are lying.
  • Your lawyer will be entrusted to handle a lot of sensitive information and that is why it is important that you feel comfortable around the lawyer, so if you don’t feel like you can trust them, then listen to your gut.