Know How to Buy The Right High Chair For Your Little One

Taking care of a baby is no easy feat and only those who are parents themselves know what kind of patience is needed to perform the job.

Is It Safe?

The first and foremost thing that parents need to consider while buying a high chair is whether it is safe or not. According to a study conducted in the US, more than 9400 children were treated for injuries due to fall from high chair during 2003-2010 which estimates to a child per hour. Majority of these injuries were due to incidence of falling from the chair either during climbing or while trying to stand up.

Since the rate of incidence associated with high chairs is so high, it must be made sure that the chairs do meet the US safety protocols. It should possess a sturdy framework that prevents it from toppling over and a harness belt to hold the child properly as a tray is not designed for this purpose. Furthermore, if the chair has wheels, it is extremely essential to make sure that they are locked when the chair is being set up.

Is It Stable?

Stability also related to safety because it ensures that the table would not splinter, crack, move or even collapse when weight is added to it. Factors that render stability to baby chairs include a wide base that doesn’t tip over easily and metallic joints that do not wear and tear with time.

Is It Easy to Clean

We are talking about chairs that we used to feed our children in, thus it is natural that there will be a lot of mess. The real question is; how easy is it to clean? Chairs that feature removable and washable trays render it easier to clean and therefore can make the task easier for parents.