How to Retain Your Private Number Plate

When you buy your first car, there is a pretty good chance that you would want to just hop right into it and start driving around without a moment’s delay. However if you try to do so without first getting the proper kind of number plate you might find that a police officer would eventually pull you over and give you quite a serious financial penalty in the form of a fine. Hence, you should consider getting a number plate before you start driving so that you can mitigate the likelihood of such occurrences as you go about your daily routine.

That said, if you had already gotten a private number plate and you recently purchased a new vehicle, you might be wondering if you can retain your private reg plates. The truth of the situation is that if this new vehicle is your sole car, you can probably retain the plate if a period of ten years have not elapsed since you received it. This is because of the fact that private plates are viable for up to ten years, and you need to renew them after a decade so that the government can ensure that you are living life in a legal and trustworthy manner.

If your private number plate is over a decade old, you might not be able to get it transferred but the fact of the matter is that this means you can get a brand new one. Once plates are ten years old they are no longer usable on cars without reregistration, so take great care not to skimp out on this step otherwise the consequences would be really tough to bear.