How to Kill Carpenter Bees

Bees are often seen as little more than sources of honey, but the value that they create in the modern world extends far beyond their ability to create the sticky, translucent substance that we all love to spread on our morning toast. Suffice it to say that the vast and diverse ecosystem of gorgeous flowers would never be able to survive if they didn’t have bees due to the reason that bees are the ones that take their pollen from one place to another and allow them to propagate at the end of the day.

That said, while it is difficult to dispute the relevance of bees when it comes to the natural order of things, things can take a turn for the worse if they set up a beehive in a tree that is in your yard. Kids can get stung by bees and suffer a lot of pain, so it would be sensible for you to go for Carpenter Bee Removal | M&H Pest Control if you notice a few flying around because of the fact that failing to do so might just end up landing your kid in the hospital.

One thing that bees of the carpenter variety simply can’t stand is boric acid, so sprinkling some on their hive should force them out and make them find a new tree to burrow into. The truly dangerous thing about these trees is that their hives are usually invisible due to their tendency to be concealed within the bark of the tree trunk. This makes it even more likely that a child might accidentally run afoul of these aggressive creatures and suffer painful sting marks all across their body.