Here Are The Materials Most Watch Bands Are Made Out Of

Apple watch is a considerable investment, so, you must buy a band which is made out of quality materials to keep your style game up. Buying a nicely built band can help you improve the look for your Apple watch even after years, and one of the most important things to consider here is the build material of the band you’re looking to buy.

When buying a wristband for your watch, in addition to the materials, never forget to access it functionality and design when connected with the watch. Here is a list of the most common materials the third party apple watch series 3 42mm bands are made out of.


Leather is one of the few wristwatch band materials that are actually durable and last longer than expected. There are different types of leather you can choose from in the market.

People living animals can choose the faux leather, this leather is made out of plastic layers and doesn’t contain any animal materials. But a major drawback is that it wears down pretty quickly.

Genuine leather comes second in the list because if the mid-range price. It is way more durable and better looking as compared to the faux leather. Full-Grain leather is the most durable, and also the most expensive of the three types of leather available in the market. It looks just like genuine leather and lasts much longer.


The main reason for the increasing usage of wood in apple watch bands is that you can get any shape and design carved on the band.

There are many types of woods available for you to choose from.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is probably the most used material in the production of wristwatch bands. It is also the least expensive in the list of metals used to make apple watch bands.