Deciding Between Car Top And Hitch Cargo Carries

Cargo carriers can help you increase the storage capacity of your car. But there are a lot of different types of cargo carriers you can choose from, this makes the process of selecting the right one even more complex.

Here is a quick comparison between two of the more popular types of cargo carriers, i.e. Car top cargo carriers and Hitch cargo carriers. This should make the things easy for you.

What Are The Differences?

The biggest and the most obvious difference between these two carriers is their location of installation on the car.

Talking of installation spaces, some cars already have these installation spaces outlines on the top, while on the hand, come models require you to make prepare the installation space before installing the rack.

A hitch cargo carrier is attached to the tow hitch located in the rear in your car. Meaning that all of the stuff you store on the cargo carrier would sit in the rear of your vehicle. Whether you benefit from it or not will largely depend on the overall design and build of your car. Additionally, this article from explains the hitch cargo carriers a bit more.

Pros And Cons of Car Top Carriers

  • Pro: Car top cargo carriers are easy to install if the car already has a top rack in place. It can help you store a lot of stuff on the top.
  • Con: Car top carriers might change the profile, and hence the fuel efficiency of your car. It can also cause the car to increase in height and not fit properly in your garage.

Pros And Cons of Hitch Cargo Carriers

  • Pro: Hitch cargo carriers can be easily accessed since they are at the rear rather than on the top.
  • Con: They often allow less storage space.