Changing Air Filter Regularly; Why is It Important?

One way to ensure consistent air conditioned efficiency is to keep an eye on the air filter and change it frequently especially in the spring and winter. Factors that render it important to look out at the filter include the indoor air condition, pets, the kind of air filter, the number of family members and most importantly the level of pollutants and contaminants of the outdoor environment. However, there are several other advantages of changing the air filter regularly and some of them are discussed here.

Preserves The Environment

It is important to remember that when not changed frequently, the air conditioner filter can be blocked by inadequate HVAC efficiency. This clogging can lead to release of carbon dioxide and other hazardous greenhouse gases that can have a severe impact on human health.

Conserve Both Money And Energy

A dirty, clogged air filter alters the temperature of the air negligibly and therefore consumes more energy. Therefore, regardless of the rate of air flow and whether HVAC system is functional or not, a clean, changed air filter and this allows you to save money on the electricity bill because of sufficiently less consumption.. According to a study, a proper, efficient air conditioned system facilitated by clean air filter can lead to an overall saving of 15% on bills.

Increases The Longevity of HVAC system

A clogged air filter that you think is not worthy of your attention can cause irreversible and unwanted damage to your HVAC system. However, you can always revert this damage by checking the air filters regularly and let aircon buddy maintain your aircon today as regular maintenance can bring great benefits to the air conditioner’s efficiency.

Do Not Compromise on Your Health

A clean air filter apart from increasing the working capacity of the air conditioner also allows a better flow of clean, hygienic air to the house and its inhabitants. This ensures a healthy lifestyle and decreased risk of asthma and other respiratory disorders.