Are Business Cards Still as Effective

Although most of the business-related activities and exchange of information today has gone digital, but business cards are one thing that has aged well, and no technology has yet been able to overtake this cheapest yet effective way of marketing.

Many people take the word “old” as “outdated”, but this isn’t true in the case of business cards, as they’ve aged well with time. Here are some reasons on why the business cards are still worth putting your money in.

A Good Way to Start The Conversation

Business cards are effective primarily because they allow you to start the conversation. Two businessmen can also exchange cards and begin talking about their own businesses with each other, this allows different businesses to mutually benefit from each other and develop long-lasting business relationships.

It is a Professional Way

Marketing Is all about making professional moves to expand your business in as little amount of time as possible. It is an elegant way too because writing down tour contact on a paper or a napkin and handing it over to someone isn’t the desirable way.

If you’re running a business of any scale, then you’ll need to be prepared at all times to promote your business. One of the best approaches is to keep some cards in your pocket, and hand it over to your prospects wherever the opportunity arises.

Well Made Cards Get Shared

If you choose the right design, shape and material for your business cards, you can make an ever-lasting impression on the mind of your potential customers.

A well made business card (like a Metal business card made by Metal Kards) will symbolize the quality of your products by its elegant design and quality. People also share quality cards with each other, so that’s free marketing right there for you.

Meeting Customer Needs

In order to run a business, you need to have a list of potential customers. This you can only get if you treat them well and cater to their expectations. When it comes to roof construction, customers want to work with a company that they can trust. This is because the task is expensive and they, themselves, cannot assess the condition of their roof.

So, for you to be able to meet your client’s needs there are some things that can be done. The first thing to keep in mind is that there are a set of categories for customers; there are the potential customers and then the loyal customers. The latter are those who have repeated hired your team for work. You need to take special care of this type of customers, as they trust you. You can do so by sending them personalized emails and giving them some extra services like, free consultations. Other than this, for the potential customers, you need to advertise yourself in an honest manner.

There are a lot of popular roofing companies, who have all reached this point with effort. Take Southern Maryland roof repair as an example; they are efficient and good at their job, which improves their customer reviews.

Other than getting an efficient and reliable job done, clients expect to be treated nicely by your team. Since roofing is complicated and hard to understand, it is part of the employees’ job to inform the customers about how their roof is doing and what needs to be fixed. This type of communication builds trust and makes the clients feel good about spending money on their roof.

So remember that the needs of your customers are your top priority. They do not just expect you to do a good job at fixing their roof, but to communicate with them and reassure them.

Blockchain And Businesses

If you’re the kind of person who’s always looking for new ways they can improve their business then this page might be of some interest to you. Did you know that businesses in multiple industries including healthcare and financial services are using the blockchain now? This would have sounded absurd a little more than half a decade back but as the needs for privacy and lower costs continue to rise, people need to find a way to adapt and using blockchain might be the answer.

In fact, by using blockchain, businesses are totally disrupting the traditional business models that we know of but the benefits they get from doing so are very hard to pass. Some of the businesses that use the blockchain technology include industry giants like Uber and Airbnb. Thanks to media partners of businesses like Proof Systems, the blockchain is accessible to any small business that wants to make use of it. Here are some of the benefits of using blockchain for your business.

Consistently Accurate Transaction Data

The blockchain is a sort of a shared ledger. What this means is that the participants share the same documentation instead of distributing multiple copies of a block of information. Thanks to this, if something needs to be changed, the subsequent records will need to be changed as well. This can be used to keep data on the blockchain very accurate.

More Security

If hackers are your greatest worry when it comes to transactions, then you’re going to love this. Before transactions can happen on the blockchain, they must be approved and agreed upon by all participants. Since the information is stored across a network of computers instead of a single server, it’s very difficult for hackers to tap into transactional data.

How Not to Fail

When it comes to marketing, you have to build a specific strategy to make sure that you reach the right audience. How you market your products had the potential of deciding how well you will succeed in the market. If you are unable to form an effective strategy, it is likely that you won’t be able to get enough traffic to keep your business afloat. If you want an easy effective way to succeed, look into internet marketing, not only is it extremely convenient but if done right, will give you a massive boost.

For reference look into david sharpe marketing strategies so you have a rough outlook of what you need to de to gain success. Keep in mind that there are a lot of directions you can go with internet marketing, you need to know what your target audience is and what they respond to so you know how to take things. Doing your research is always a good idea so you know what you are getting your self into before you get into it.

The best form of internet marketing is social media marketing. This helps you reach a diverse audience all at once. If you choose to use influencers to endorse your product you might end up with more traffic given that these influencers have a lot of people putting their trust in their opinion. If they tell the public something is worth their time, they will believe it, and if your product is good enough to please these influencers, you have hit jackpot.

Be smart about what you are putting out there and how to choose to do it.

Learning Excel For Your Business

If you happen to be affiliated in the world of business and finance, then you have probably seen the word Excel being tossed around in at least one conversation every few hours. This is because Excel has now become the standard of running any sort of business, and if you happen to be a business owner yourself, then there is a lot you can get done for your business by learning and incorporating Excel into your workplace.

Many of us tend to make the mistake of assuming that Excel is just a means for creating spreadsheets, and that is not the entire truth. Yes, making spreadsheets on Excel is one of its functions, but it is capable of so much more. You can use and run different mathematical formulas on it and have the software do the calculation for you, you can organize your data better, make predictions and estimations based on results from previous spreadsheets and so on. Being able to organize your data and find anomalies is another great advantage of using Excel, and this can be done through different formulas like the VLOOKUP, and if you are interested in learning more about it, you can check out different websites that can serve as a big resource on VLOOKUP, helping you learn a little more about this very important function in Excel. Another advantage of using Excel for your business is that you can use the same spreadsheet and then turn it into charts or some other kind of graphical representation, or have the entire data sheet collected and compiled into a PowerPoint presentation with a few clicks on your keyboard or mouse. So, there is a lot for you to take advantage of as a business owner by learning Excel, and you are losing absolutely nothing by giving it a go.

Difference Between Accounting And Bookkeeping

The two terms, bookkeeping and accounting are commonly used as business functions. Although they are used interchangeably, they are actually very different from each other. On one hand, bookkeeping involves the recording of all transactions in a business, and on the other, accounting is the inspection of the accounts in their final form.

Bookkeepers are to record any transactions in an orderly form, therefore their work is most desk work. Whereas, accounting focuses on the interpretation of any financial transactions that are recorded in the account. These days, bookkeeping is all moving onto cloud accounting. This is why some small company’s bookkeepers also do accounting tasks like summarizing financial data. These multi-skilled people are known as full charge bookkeepers and even receive a higher salary. A good example of this service is Shmunky bookkeeping services.

Bookkeeping revolves around identifying, measuring and recording transactions of financial statements. Other than recording transactions in an orderly fashion, bookkeepers are also involved in the reconciliation of the bank’s statements. Some skilled bookkeepers also provide the service of financial analysis. In this, your company’s account will be thoroughly gone through to find trends that might help your company is cash flow decisions.

Bookkeepers prepare journals along with financial statements like; income statements, balance sheets and cash flows. This is all thanks to the cloud accounting.

The accountant checks all the files when the year ends; their main job is the make an analysis that will give the client an overall performance check for the year. But bookkeepers are able to give live information as the work is done. This helps you improve yourself accordingly.

Now that you know what makes these two terms different, it will become easier for you to decide which one you think is more important for your business’s performance.

4 Actionable Strategies to Strengthen Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Word of mouth marketing (WOM) is one of the most powerful assets to promote your business. As the name implies, it implicates creating a buzz about something and promoting the buzz to get your customers to do the advertising for you. WOM is particularly crucial when planning your marketing tactics since a major chunk of people reach out to friends for recommendations and search for online reviews before making any decision. If you’re new to word-of-mouth advertising, here are some top-notch strategies you can implement to skyrocket your business.

Create a Strong Background Story

People tend to narrate the background story of the organization when recommending something. Develop a compelling brand narrative that people can relate to. This will increase the likelihood of your customers endorsing your brand and naturally promote your business.

Encourage User-Created Content

Digital media markets brands through meaningful content just like print media uses cheap banners for advertisement. User-generated content (UGC) is any form of content such as images or articles posted by users on online platforms. It indicated the quality of brands and builds trusts amongst customers, boosting sales. Promote UGC by introducing a unique brand hashtag to house the content shared by the users and showcase the content on your sites.

Offer Incentives

Incentivizing word of mouth advertising creates a win-win situation for both you and your customers. It people a reason to advocate your business and skyrocket your sales, no matter how big or small the incentives are. Consider holding giveaways or lucky draws to endorse your products and create a hype amongst your customers.

Introduce a Referral Program

A referral program is an effective method of incentivizing customers. It lets you tap into the goodwill within your customer pool to attract new customers and drive sales. Common referral programs include cashback and discounts on future purchases and services, points redemptions and priority services.