Are Marquee Weddings Cheaper?

More and more people are preferring Marquee weddings these days. That is because a marquee provides you with lots of room for customization, and you can choose to pay only for the area you need to use instead of booking an entire wedding hall.

But what are the other reasons for lots of people choosing marquee weddings over other types of settings? Is it because Marquee weddings are cheaper? Well, let’s find out in this article.

Cost of a Marquee Wedding

Contrary to popular belief, marquee weddings are not cheaper as compared to traditional weddings. Actually, these weddings cost as much as other types of settings, if not more. That is because you have to rent every little thing from the actual marquee to the ceiling and the floor as well. However, you can save a lot of money in this type of wedding setting if you choose to do it carefully.

For example, you can save lots of money only by choosing a leveled up surface as you won’t have to rent any type of flooring material for such a surface.

You Can DIY As Well

Another thing you can do to save yourself some money in a marquee wedding is by doing the design part by yourself. This also provides you with a blank canvas, and you can showcase your creativity. You can also get help from friends and family members to set everything up and choose the decorative items which can be easily accessed in your local market.

Weather Might Be a Downside

One of the biggest downsides of a marquee wedding is weather. While marquees are Outdoor Instant Shelters, you do not have any control on weather, and if it starts raining, your wedding can be ruined. While Marquees these days are water and windproof, Bad weather still makes it difficult for guests to move in and out of the marquee.