Who We Are: Goals / Objectives / Vision / Mission

KIDS OFF THE BLOCK, INC. (KOB) is a non-profit 501©3 community based organization founded by Diane Latiker in 2003. She started the program in her home.

AT-RISK YOUTH ARE THE TARGET POPULATION OF KOB. Services are focused on “at-risk” youth in the Pullman Community Area, a low-to-moderate income community located on the far south side of Chicago. The Community Area includes part of three political wards, Roseland, West Pullman, and Pullman. • 94.8% of the population is African-American; • 12.5% have a college degree; • 20.2% have not completed high school; • 43.1% are unemployed; • 37.5% of the population lives below the poverty level; • Women head 26.3% of the families.

Behind these bulleted demographic statistics lurks a minefield of factors that militate towards the development of “at-risk” youth in the Pullman Community Area. For a youth living in a home below the poverty level, in a family headed by a woman, and with no employed or minimally employed adult almost guarantees the youngster’s designation as “at-risk.

The home and family life of “at-risk” youth are often disrupted by the harsh realities of hard poverty. Often there are issues of “serial fathers” who are resented by older male youth or a possible threat to young girls. Domestic violence becomes a constant in the experiences of these families. Drug use is often the resort of depressed and overwhelmed parents. Family events and celebrations exist only by imperiling the household budget for the balance of the month.

To offset these budget crunches mothers may attempt employment. Decent paying jobs are few and far between. If they do exist they are located in distant neighborhoods at an hour and a half or more from the home. If an extended family is not available, the youth are pressed into taking care of younger children. Especially for the young men in these homes there exists no teacher, no mentor, and no reliable role model. The youth rebels against his mother and sets out to find his own source of income and a coterie of friends that will provide him with a sort of safety on the streets.

Un-doctored statistics suggest that upwards of 76% of these youth drop out of high school or are “no-shows” for high school after grade school graduation. The streets are a “finishing school” for them. To fulfill the need for some sort of safety and structure, and to feel a sense of belonging “at-risk” youth often turn to gangs. Gangs lead to the drug trade and often to drug use and other crime. At the same time, gang rivalry leads to the dangers of being shot on the streets. Shootings occur on a regular if not daily basis. Robbery is a daily occurrence. Burglary is rampant.

The systems such as Grammar Schools, Park Districts, and High Schools in the immediate neighborhoods of Pullman Community Area offer a rather bare menu of services for youngsters. Most of the “at-risk” youth have rarely if ever left the environment of their community. They would be lost in the hustle and bustle of the Loop. Cultural events that happen in many of the Wards of the city are none-existent in their community. If events do occur safe transportation to and from the events becomes an issue. The school system cannot afford the effort to maintain youth in school. Many of the teenage youth cannot read at a sixth grade level. The High Schools consider expulsion as the best solution to many problematic behaviors. Gang rivalry and “clicks” (groups of youth from various gangs who work together to intimidate non-committed youngsters) are an additional challenge to any youth with an interest in education.

FAITHFUL TO ITS MISSION, THIS YOUNG AGENCY HAS COBBLED TOGETHER AN ARRAY OF SERVICES WITHIN A SAFE PLACE WHERE ADOLESCENTS HAVE A CHANCE TO DEVELOP AND TO GROW INTO SUCCESSFUL ADULTS. The goal of KOB is social change – Our mission is to involve these youth in alternatives to gang violence, drugs sales/usage, school truancy and the juvenile justice system. KOB’s work with youth emphasizes self-development that leads to change. Through individual meetings and group discussions new recruits are encouraged to assess their current situation and identify skills and a knowledge base needed to achieve the goals they have targeted. Young people are actively involved in all operations of KOB from program planning and design to actual implementation.

The “at-risk” youth are involved in Health Workshops, Cultural Events, Educational Tutoring and celebrations in their honor for achievements and participation. The density and variety of programming invites these youngsters to come “off the streets” and become engaged in events that are conducted in a safe and caring environment.


 To create a positive environment where youth can feel free to be creative;  To provide exposure to other cultures, ethnic groups, communities, and activities;  To work with each youth as an individual to promote continued positive development;  To cultivate skills and meet the needs of the young people we serve;  To celebrate their accomplishments.

The organization reaches out to the most “at-risk” youth in the area to provide them with access to a path that leads away from self-destruction and economic impoverishment. In order to achieve its Mission, KOB provides a multi-service youth program which focuses on those aspects of young people’s lives, which promote good health, educational achievement, and personal and social growth. The organization describes itself as a “holistic care center for prevention, personal growth and empowerment.” KOB provides a safe place “off the block” especially for those young people who do not feel welcomed by traditional youth programs.

Activities / Recognitions


o Partnered with the City of Chicago in the After School Matters Program o Participated in MLK Day with Service for Peace o KOB hosted new program “Hip Hop Light Plates” o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK hosts “Clean & Green Day” in conjunction with Global Youth Service Day o KOB receives new and used computers, printers to start a computer lab for youth o Curtis Elementary School offers space to KOB to house it’s Tutoring/Mentoring programs o Music studio is upgraded from donations of new equipment o KOB hosts it’s 4th Annual Basketball Championship at Curtis School o KOB “Village Leaders” hosts Speak up, Speak out rally in honor of Blair Holt o KOB “Teens against Violence” March with CAPS, Ceasefire, and block clubs. o Six KOB youth are featured in CLTV special “Deadly Lessons” with News Anchor Tonya Francisco o 25 KOB teens graduate from across the city, 4 from high school that went on to college o CEO of KIDS OFF THE BLOCK is Honored by Ebony Magazine o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK Marches with The Black Star Project in downtown Chicago o Columbia College Partners with KIDS OFF THE BLOCK and Youth Communications for the Promise Program (teaching youth about journalism) o KOB hosts “A Community for Unity Tribute”, honoring all youth killed by violence in Chicago o World Federation of Peace honors KIDS OFF THE BLOCK Executive Director with Ambassador for Peace Award o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK Featured in ABC-7 Special “Keeping Kids Busy, Keeps Then Off The Streets. o KOB CEO & Youth Members Participate in ABC-7 Special “Stopping The Violence”. o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK Hosts it’s 1st Annual “Feed A Teen” Thanksgiving Day Dinner o KOB Christmas Party was held at Curtis Elementary School 2008 o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK became a coalition member of The Roseland Safety Network / Department of Human Services o KOB held it’s 1st March Against Youth Violence / along with a video shoot to launch our new campaign “Save A Teen / Do Something” o KOB created it’s 1st music video Save A Teen / Do Something o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK Hosts 2nd Annual Clean and Green Day in April


o Featured on Fox News in April o Featured in Citizen’s Newspapers in May o Featured in Chicago Tribune Magazine in June 2008 o CEO featured in Chicago Sun-Times in August as 1 of 50 People Who Make Chicago a Better Place o CEO of KOB was a panelist on Chicago Center’s forum about Youth Violence o CEO of KOB was a guest on “Eight Forty Eight” radio show with Host Richard Steele o KOB, along with community partners, hosted The Roseland Youth Festival in September o KOB, along with community partners hosted The Peace Fest in Harvey, IL o CEO of KOB was featured on WYCC Channel 20 TV about Youth Violence o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK was featured in the Voorkant newspapers in the Netherlands (Holland) o KOB is featured in The Gospel Tribune in October o KOB receives award from the State’s Attorney Office for Victim Service o KOB receives award from The Pastor’s Network of Illinois o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK was honored with a fundraiser at Percy L. Julian High School by the Honors Society and was featured in their school newspaper o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK was featured in the fall issue of The Residents Journal 2008 Fall Issue o Founder/President Diane Latiker received the Roseland Business Council Community Service Award in November 2008 o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK Hosted it’s 2nd Annual “Feed A Teen” Thanksgiving Day Dinner o KOB was featured on Fox News (Feed A Teen) o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK was featured in the BET Special “Heart of the City” Chicago’s War on Violence / December 7, 2008 o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK Partnered with Curtis Elementary School to offer Tutoring Program for grades 3rd thru 8th o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK Hosts 3rd Annual Christmas Party in 2008 o KOB was featured on WGN-Channel 9, and CLTV News


o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK travels to Washington for the Inauguration o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK featured in Time Magazine in January 2009 (twice) o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK Founder has been chosen for the Lewis Hines Award o St. John Baptist Church Hosts KIDS OFF THE BLOCK Day in February 2009 o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK featured in Time Online Magazine in February 2009 o KOB Partners with Public Allies to offer 25 youth community organizing workshops o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK Founder Diane Latiker receives Parent Hall of Fame Award o Organization featured on NBC-5 regarding Youth Violence in March 2009 o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK Memorial Tribute to youth killed by violence featured on front page of the Chicago Defender Newspaper. o KOB became a coalition partner in the Roseland Community Collaborative (RCC) to combat recidivism among youth returning from the juvenile justice system. o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK CEO and family traveled to New York to receive the Lewis Hine Award in March 2009. o KOB received it’s certificate to become a “Promise Place” through America’s Promise Alliance (Founders: Mr. and Mrs. Colin Powell) o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK hosts Candle Lighting Ceremony for families of Youth Killed at KOB Memorial Tribute site in April 2009 o KOB featured in Sun-Times Newspaper, Chicago Tribune, and on ABC-7 News, CLTV, WGN, and NBC-5. o KOB featured on CNN “Children Killed in Chicago” in May 2009 o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK featured on Anderson Cooper 360 in May 2009 o Diane Latiker featured on CNN’s Don Lemon in May 2009 o KOB Teens Create Safe Sex Ringtone “Strapless” for Aids Foundation of Chicago’s New Campaign “With Me Comes A Cure” o KOB interviewed by AL-Jazeera TV in May 2009 o KOB featured in Guardian News Magazine/TV special in June 2009 o KOB starts it’s summer jobs program for 53 youth in June 2009 o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK gets approved for Summer Nutrition Program in June 2009. o KOB attends rally at Thompson Center to protest cuts to human service programs in June 2009 o KOB is part of Roseland Safety Networks trip to Springfield, IL to rally against cuts to service programs in June 2009 o KOB youth attend three day camp at O’Hare Airport with CAPS and Tuskegee Airman to learn about careers in Aviation o KOB girls/young women (15) attended workshop at UIC about Women in Corporate Leadership sponsored by the McDonalds and the WNBA Chicago Sky Women’s Basketball Team, they also got to attend the game. o KOB youth attended the Black Women’s Expo at McCormick Place in July 2009 o KOB participated in Alderman Anthony Beale’s (9th Ward) 10th Back to School Parade 8-22-09 o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK attended the HBCU and Nation of Islam “Anti-Violence Rally on 8-29-09 o KOB was featured on Fox News and CBS concerning youth violence in September 2009 o KOB along with Safety Networks presented a Youth Town Hall Meeting to address the violence in Roseland in October 2009 o KOB won the Nike Back Your Block Grant in October 2009 o Diane Latiker was a panelist for Hip Hop Detox on Youth Violence in November 2009 o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK participated in the 100 Pastors “Stop the Violence” Forum in November 2009 o KOB participated in the American Bar Association Panel Discussion “Time to Deliver” at Chicago State University in November 2009 o KOB youth participated in Youth Voices Against Violence Friday Night HIV/AIDS Awareness Forum in November 2009 o KOB hosted it’s 3rd Annual “Feed A Teen” Thanksgiving Day Dinner in November 2009 o KOB was featured on CBS 2 for “Feed A Teen” 2009 o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK gave Christmas gifts to six needy families (coats, hats, shoes, games and monetary donation) December 2009 2010 o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK started it’s program at Fenger High School to serve 160 students at Fenger and 40 students at the Feeder Schools in January


o KOB was awarded a 2010 CDBG grant for it’s Summer Basketball and Cultural Arts Program in January o KOB participated in the CAPS “Stop the Violence” Rally with Mayor Daley in January 2010 o KOB launched its No Snitching “Keeping it 100 / Enough is Enough” Billboard Campaign. 2-6-2010 o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK partnered with Moody Bible Institute in February for the Family Food Give-A-Way. We gave 50 bags of groceries to 50 families. o Founder Diane Latiker was 1 of 3 people honored on Anderson Cooper (CNN) for Black History Month. o Founder Diane Latiker featured in CNN story on the Gun Ban in Illinois. February 2010 o KOB honored with banner in Nike Factory store on 84th Cottage Grove. o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK Featured on Chicago Tonight / Channel 11 o KOB hosted it’s 2nd Leaders In Training ( L.I.T.) workshop in March 2010 o KOB took 10 youth from Fenger High School and Curtis Elementary to Atlanta to visit the King Center. o KOB was honored at the Fox News Celebration of the “Peabody Award” by Darlene Hill o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK participated in the 2nd Annual “Peace Walk” with the Youth Peace Center of Roseland o KOB hosted it’s 1st Annual “Safe Summer Bar-B-Que on June 12th at Palmer Park o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK moved into it’s new center in July of 2010 o KOB held a 2 Day Celebration for it’s 7th Year Anniversary in July 2010 o The 3rd Community for Unity Event was held in honor of slain youth. KOB released butterflies and balloons. o Diane Latiker received the Ephraim Bahar Community Service Award in July 2010 o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK hosted the “Legacy” Management training series in partnership with GSA for young adults in KOB. o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK was featured on PBS Broadcasting for their “Need to Know” TV series in August 2010. o KOB was a partner in the 3rd Annual “Peace Fest” at Olive Harvey College in August of 2010. o KIDS OFF THE BLOCK participated in Alderman Anthony Beale’s “Back to School Parade with Roseland Safety Networks. o KOB participated in the “All I Do Is Win” Back to School Festival at South Side Help Center in August 2010 o KOB was featured in the documentary “On the Frontlines” at the Black Harvest Film Festival in August 2010 o Diane and Aisha Latiker were featured on WVON 1390 radio show in August 2010 o Diane Latiker was invited to Washington, DC to participate in a panel discussion on Youth Violence with Congressman Bobby Rush. o Kids Off The Block participated in the Walk for Peace with ICARE and St. Sabina Church. o Kids Off The Block featured in Black Enterprise Magazine in October 2010 o Kids Off The Block honored by The Chicago Community Trust at their 95th Anniversary Celebration o Kids Off The Block was featured in the Chicago Defender in October 2010 o Kids Off The Block hosted its 4th Annual “Feed A Teen” Thanksgiving Day Dinner o Kids Off The Block and Wal-mart partnered together and fed over 900 people in December 2010 • 2011 • o KOB hosted MLK Day with Mellenium High School teachers and students on 1-17-2011 o KOB hosted two Lunchroom Takeovers at Fenger High School (Outreach Events) 2-2011 o KOB began Health/Nutrition and Fitness Classes at Fenger High School o KOB began Entertainment class at Fenger High School o KOB began Basketball / Mentoring Program at Songhai Elementary o KOB was featured on WCIU Channel 26 (The U) o KOB Youth were honored by The Hinsdale Unitarian Church in Downer’s Grove, IL o Kids Off The Block Founder Diane Latiker was honored with the Black Heritage Award (Marion N’Zinga Stamps) o KOB began Line Dancing Classes for Youth


o KOB hosted 25 youth for Movie/Dinner Night o KOB was featured on the Michael Baisden Show 4-2011 o KOB Founder was CNN Hero of the week 4-2011 o KOB attended tour of Ace Tech Alternative School o KOB youth participated in the Marcus Hendricks Foundation Event o Kids Off The Block took over 30 youth to Washington, DC to march in the rally for jobs and education with Congressman Bobby Rush in May 2011 o KOB and SEIU partnered for two months on outreach activities in Roseland o KOB was a part of Roseland Safety Networks trip to Springfield to meet with Senator Emil Jones 111 and Governor Pat Quinn o Kids Off The Block hosted New CPS Chief Claude Brizzard with Community Leaders of Roseland 6-2011 o CEO Diane Latiker was honored with a Special Youth Activist Award by Fenger High School Principal Elizabeth Dozier in June 2011 o Kids Off The Block hosted the 2nd Annual Safe Summer Bar-B-Q at Palmer Park o KOB participated in The 2nd Annual “Peace Walk” o KOB Youth Advisor Aisha Latiker was featured on You and Me in the Morning Channel 26/The U in July 2007 o KOB participated a Mock Townhall Meeting with SEIU for jobs, and education o Chicago Youth Centers visited KOB with over 30 young people from all over the country o Kids Off The Block hosted a meeting with New Deputy Director of the Chicago Crime Commission Jodie Weis in July 2011 o Kids Off The Block was awarded a grant for 20 jobs for local youth by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources 7-2011 o The Dwayne Wade Foundation with the “Keepers of the Village” Award honors founder of KOB Diane Latiker. 8-2011 o Founder/President Diane Latiker named CNN Top 10 Hero 2011 9-22-2011 o Donor builds KOB Basketball Court on Memorial Lot o Diane Latiker featured in the Chicago Crusader Newspaper o Diane Latiker featured in Tom Joyner’s Black American Web Newspaper 10-2011 o KOB Founder received the Civic Advocacy Award from the Illinois Against Handgun Violence organization October 2011 o Diane Latiker was invited to Abu Dhabi to participate in the Festival of Thinkers 2011 Conference. November 2011 o KOB Founder receives award from Dubai Minister of Justice November 2011 o Diane Latiker receives recognition from the 97th Senate of Illinois November 2011 o KOB Youth Leaders travel to St. Louis, MO to meet with the City Council November 2011 o Diane Latiker and family went to LA to receive her CNN Top 10 Award 12-11-2011 o Diane Latiker received the Community Leader Award from the Roseland Hospital Foundation Board 12-16-2011 o Diane Latiker was featured in the Chicago Tribune Newspaper “Remarkable Woman” in December 2011 o Kids Off The Block receives a donation (1 2010 Van, 10 HP Computers, and a printer) 12-30-2011 •


o Kids Off The Block hosted its 2nd Annual “Speak Up, Peace Out” event with 32 students from Gwendolyn Brooks High School on MLK Day. 1-16-2012 o Diane Latiker spoke at CICS Prairie Charter school to over 200 students, grades 6th through 8th on 1-25-2012 o Diane Latiker spoke to 120 Sophomores at Carver Military Academy on 2-1-2012 o Kids Off The Block hosted 20 youth for a Night of Fun (bowling and skating) on 2-1-2012 o Diane Latiker was nominated for the DVF Award on 2-2-2012. o Diane Latiker was interviewed by DreamBig Magazine in Seoul, South Korea on 2-3-2012 o Diane Latiker has been invited to speak to over 250 incarcerated women in Atlanta on 2-23-2012 o Diane Latiker has been invited to speak at Harvard University to the Black Lawyers Student Association 3-3-2012 o Diane Latiker was guest panelist on “Taking Back Our Streets” at Apostolic Faith Church on 210-12 o Diane Latiker was guest speaker at Development School for Youth in February 2012. o KOB “Tha Movement” and Diane Latiker went to Toronto, Canada to complete their album. March 2012 o Kids Off The Block was featured in Hometown Heroes with Ty Pennington in May 2012 o Diane Latiker was featured on 2nd Chance Radio with Kenny Anderson in May 2012 o Diane Latiker was a guest speaker at Harvard University for the Black Law Students Spring Event. May 2012 o KOB “Tha Movement” featured in What’s Da Bizniz magazine in May 2012 o Diane Latiker was a featured speaker at the ETA Theatre in May 2012 o Diane Latiker was a featured speaker at Northern Illinois University (NIU) to over 400 students in May 2012 o Diane Latiker was on CNN speaking about the violence on June 11, 2012 o On Sunday, July 1, 2012, Kids Off The Block will be one of the featured organizations on ABC’s Secret Millionaire. o Diane Latiker spoke at ELCA Convention in New Orleans, LA at the Superdome to 35,000 students from across the country o Kids Off The Block hosts “Labor Day Tournament / Peace in the Hood” 9-3-2012 o Kids Off The Block partners with Chicago Excel 9-4-12 o Kids Off The Block joins H.O.P.E. (Helping Our People Endure) a initiative of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s CARE Project 9-8-12 o Diane Latiker was a panelist at All Star Project’s conversation about afterschool event. 1-26-12 o US Customs and Border Protection Team lays wreath at foot of Memorial Tribute to honor fallen youth. 11-9-12 o Kids Off The Block hosted its 5th Annual “Feed A Teen” Thanksgiving Day Dinner. 11-15-12 o Kids Off The Block hosted “HIV & AIDS Awareness for Youth event with Center for Community Health and Vitality. 12-1-12 o Diane Latiker was a panelist at Columbia Links Town Hall meeting “Don’t Shoot I Want to Grow Up”. 11-15-12 o Kids Off The Block was featured in a News One article about “Feed A Teen Thanksgiving Day Dinner”. 11-16-12 o Kids Off The Block participated in an Anti-Youth Violence video with Mid C Media to bring attention to the violence in Chicago. 12-5-12 o Kids Off The Block was featured in a CNN video to update its viewers about the work of the organization. 12-3-12 o Kids Off The Block hosted its 5rd Annual “Toy Giveaway” at Fenger High School. 12-15-12 •


o Diane Latiker was featured in Black America Web. 1-5-13 o Diane Latiker was featured in “The WIP” online newspaper. 1-7-13 o Diane Latiker placed a full-page ad and wrote a letter to President Obama. 1-7-13 o Met Jonny Imerman of Imerman Angels / 2012 CNN Hero 1-8-13 o Dorothy Brown Clerk of the Circuit

How to Detect a Private Investigator

Feeling some sense of privacy while you are going about your day to day routine is something that you are entitled to at some way, shape or form, but this still won’t stop a PI from hounding you every step that you take at any given point in time. It can be really difficult to feel like you are living a life that is to any degree normal if you are constantly paranoid about being watched, so it might be a good idea for you to figure out how you can detect any and all PIs that are on your tail.

You might assume that this is something that only criminals would have to worry about, but suffice it to say that normal people have to go through this as well. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that not every PI is going to be as ethical as My Denver PI, so figuring out how they look can be immensely useful for you. There are quite a few ways in which you can undertake this detection process, and most of these techniques are so easy that you are never going to have to worry all that much about them at all.

One of the best ways to do this would be to see if you notice the same person time and time again. They might be in a car or out on the street. If you do see someone repeatedly, chances are that they are a PI and you should go to your lawyer immediately so that you can see what can be done to put a stop to this.

How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Having a carpet in your home can boost its overall aesthetic value and as if that wasn’t already enough it would also turn into a very comfortable surface that you can relax on at this current point in time. A dusty carpet would likely be a lot less comfortable to sit or lie down on though, so you might want to consider hiring professional carpet cleaners ever now and again so that they can ensure that your carpet is beautiful and clean without a shadow of a doubt.

As a result of the fact that this is the case, we would suggest that you look for professional carpet cleaning available in the following locations. You might need a rough idea of how much you’d be expected to pay when hiring these experts though, likely due to concerns that their prices would be well outside your reach. Suffice it to say that carpet cleaning is by no means an easy process so your cleaners would obviously want to charge you an amount that would be commensurate with how much effort they have put into this procedure.

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The Perks of Investing in Commercial Ovens

If you own a bakery or any other business related to cooking, odds are that you already know the benefits of commercial ovens. Owens makes baking and heating easier than ever before. Since commercial needs are always greater than household needs, you will need to invest in a long lasting oven which you won’t have to repair for a long time.

This article, we will provide you with some of the biggest benefits of investing in a commercial oven. You should read this before you place an order for a commercial benchtop oven.

They Have Powerful Motors

One of the biggest benefits of commercial ovens is that they have powerful motors inside them. These motors are capable of running for long periods of time without breaking a sweat. Moreover, the lifespan of these motors are way more than that of household ovens.

So, by investing in a commercial oven, you will be able to keep your restaurant business running round the clock without encountering any problems.

A Range of Cooking Options

When you invest in a household of one, you do not have much options to cook different dishes. You can only use a household oven for cooking. On the other hand, commercial ovens are really useful as they have lots of different booking options available on them.

So, after investing in a commercial oven, you will be able to cook different recipes and use different cooking options with ease.

Low Maintenance Costs

A great feature which lots of restaurants prefer when choosing their commercial oven is low maintenance cost. That is because commercial ovens are built to last for a long time. So, you won’t have to spend much money on maintaining your commercial oven.

These were some of the biggest benefits of investing in a commercial oven which you can get by buying one for your restaurant.

Are Marquee Weddings Cheaper?

More and more people are preferring Marquee weddings these days. That is because a marquee provides you with lots of room for customization, and you can choose to pay only for the area you need to use instead of booking an entire wedding hall.

But what are the other reasons for lots of people choosing marquee weddings over other types of settings? Is it because Marquee weddings are cheaper? Well, let’s find out in this article.

Cost of a Marquee Wedding

Contrary to popular belief, marquee weddings are not cheaper as compared to traditional weddings. Actually, these weddings cost as much as other types of settings, if not more. That is because you have to rent every little thing from the actual marquee to the ceiling and the floor as well. However, you can save a lot of money in this type of wedding setting if you choose to do it carefully.

For example, you can save lots of money only by choosing a leveled up surface as you won’t have to rent any type of flooring material for such a surface.

You Can DIY As Well

Another thing you can do to save yourself some money in a marquee wedding is by doing the design part by yourself. This also provides you with a blank canvas, and you can showcase your creativity. You can also get help from friends and family members to set everything up and choose the decorative items which can be easily accessed in your local market.

Weather Might Be a Downside

One of the biggest downsides of a marquee wedding is weather. While marquees are Outdoor Instant Shelters, you do not have any control on weather, and if it starts raining, your wedding can be ruined. While Marquees these days are water and windproof, Bad weather still makes it difficult for guests to move in and out of the marquee.

Finding a Good Healthcare Provider

Choosing the right healthcare provider is one of the biggest steps you can take for your well-being. However, since there are lots of service providers working in the healthcare industry, the process of finding a good one might feel overwhelming at first.

However, we will make this process a lot easier for you by highlighting some important tips you can follow. So, here is how you can find a good healthcare provider easily. Visit platforms like nethealth for more details on this.

Get in Touch With Your Insurance Company

One of the best ways to find a list of all the supported doctors by your insurance company is contacting them. This way, they will provide you with a list of all the doctors they work with in your area.

We suggest always visiting a doctor within your insurance network unless you must visit an out of network doctor.

Do Proper Research

Doing your due diligence is very important before you can visit any doctor. You can use the Internet, and referrals and online reviews to find the best doctor providing services in your area.

So, no matter what your medical condition might be, do proper research to find a relevant doctor in your area.

Contact The Doctor

Once you find the right doctor to address your medical concerns, you should contact their office and get more details about their schedule and practice.

Once you get in touch with them, you can ask them a few relevant questions and see if they would really fit your criteria or not.

Book an Appointment

After doing all the research and choosing the best doctor, comes the time when you should actually try them.

So, book an appointment with the doctor you have just chosen, and give them a try.

Rounded Edges on Metal Business Cards

While there are all kinds of metal business card factors that you have likely already considered when you first made the decision to place your order, some aspects of it would be somewhat more difficult to keep in mind. For example, there is a pretty good chance that you haven’t considered the damage that pointy corners and edges can do on your business cards. Pointed edges are not a big deal on paper cards, but the truth of the situation is that with metal cards they can be downright dangerous.

This is because of the fact that a pointed metal edge has the potential to cut someone rather deeply, so we would highly recommend that you consider investing in Metal Business Kards that have rounded edges instead. Rounded edges will make your cards a great deal safer, and the fact of the matter is that that is something that would make a far larger number of people want to spread them around between themselves in a pretty enormous manner. You can use this to your advantage if your industry is safety focused as well by setting an example that a lot of other industrialists and business owners would be likely to follow.

There are many other factors that need to be taken into account, but rounded edges are the types of things that many people forget to pay attention to. We feel like they can change the way that people perceive your company, especially when it comes to preventing injuries that your cards might cause. Try to pay attention to this safety tip because it can improve the efficacy of your business cards for a very long time in the future.

Signs That You Need a New Cooler Door Gasket

Your cooler is likely one of the most important things in your house since there is a pretty good chance that you keep all of your food fresh and tasty inside of it. It is also crucial if you want to continuously drink cold beverages, something that is utterly essential in some of the hotter parts of the world that we are all living in at this precise interval. One of the most critical components of your cooler is the door gasket, and you should be wary of signs that it needs replacing.

This is because of the fact that if you don’t replace it in time, your cooler might just break down entirely. One of the biggest indications that your walk in cooler gaskets need to be replaced is that your cooler isn’t working as effectively. It might be blowing out cold air, but the fact of the matter is that this air would not be staying inside the cooler which would result in the interior being a little too warm for comfort.

The truth of the situation is that your cooler will quickly run out of refrigerant if you don’t replace the gasket quickly, and all of your good food is going to go to waste. Being able to tell when a replacement is required is great because it can save you from some massive headaches down the line, and everyone knows that living a good life is all about taking care of all of your belongings. These types of gaskets are not overpriced at all, so you should be able to get a good one at a rate that is both affordable and reasonable.

Benefits of Technical Translators

Hiring a translator might look like an overwhelming thing and for the most part, it really is. However, that does not really mean that you should be going and hiring someone random because we can never be sure how the experience is going to be and we only want the best possible experience.

Speaking of that, there are many benefits of technical translators and the more you look into it, the better it is going to be eventually. With that said, there are several benefits of these translators and you can read this guide and get more information as well, since it will be of great help to you.

Let’s look at the benefits, shall we?

They Are Quick

The first thing that you should know is that they are quick to work whenever you are talking about someone good. They will not take more time than it is necessary and will be out of your way in no time. I understand that it is not something that everyone wants but hey, you are still getting a great overall experience and you cannot just look into something that is not good enough.

They Know What They Have to Do

With professionals, you never really have to worry about telling them what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided. They are quick, reliable, and most importantly, a lot more responsible than one might think. It takes some time but once you do know the service you are hiring, you are good to go and there is rarely anything that comes in the way. Just take care of this and you will be all sorted in no time.

After all, a good translation service is needed by most of us.

Why Everyone is Getting O Shot

Whenever a woman goes through a major life change like pregnancy and childbirth, major changes happen in her body as well. Most of these changes are driven by fluctuations in the estrogen hormone. While some of the changes are physical and easily visible from the outside, some are invisible, and can only be felt by the female and her partner.

For example, certain changes in the vagina can only be felt by the woman suffering from those changes, and her partner in some cases. When these changes go beyond normal, they can have a significant impact on the sexual life of a woman.

So, to reverse any changes associated with the female vagina, treatments like O Shot are used.

Benefits Your Personal Life

Women are usually shy to talk about sexual changes in their life. For example, one of the biggest problems for a woman is being unable to achieve an orgasm. Several studies show that only a few women actually experience orgasm during sexual intercourse on a regular basis.

Many changes can cause a female to lose her pleasure in sexual intercourse, and can also affect orgasms. Drastic changes can also cause a woman discomfort during sex.

That is why getting O shot is beneficial for women going through major changes in her life. This procedure can help reverse any changes taking place in the female vagina.

Relieves Urine Related Problems

Urinary problems like urinary inconscience can cause a lot of trouble for older women. This problem can cause urine to leak uncontrollably.

There can be many different reasons for urinary incontinence in older women.

No matter what the problem might be, O-Shot can definitely help you gain control once again.

These were some of the best reasons to why O Shot is one of the best vaginal treatments you should get.

What to Look For Before Getting Into Yoga Training

For anyone who has made up their mind about getting into yoga, the good thing is that you will have a lot of great options that you can look into and in most of the cases, you are not really going to have any problems, because it always works and the best part is that it is simple to execute, as well.

Now, you do need to understand that searching for a good place that you can use to get started is always important as without all of this, you might not get the same experience. You can, of course, look into Marianne Wells Yoga Teacher Training and see if that is something that fits your requirements.

But right now, we want to talk about what to look for before you get into yoga training.

Your Options

If you are just doing it for the sake of it, I would highly suggest that you reconsider your options because a lot of the times, people do it and they regret it and it never really works well and we would not want everyone to have the same experience. So, it is better that you are avoiding this at all costs because it is not going to be good.

Do You Want to Go Ahead With It?

You will also need to look into the fact that you are looking to get into the training rather than just choosing it because you felt like it. Why spend your money and your time on something that you are not even sure about as things are only going to make life easier. I can tell you that the experience matters a lot here and you will be just fine once you are taking care of this,.and see if that is something that fits your requirements.

Benefits of Professional Pressure Washing Service

If you have been looking into a pressure washing service, it is important to understand that there is no shortage of some excellent services available and getting them is better rather than not doing so as that is only going to create more issues for you and we do not want that, in the first place. The good news is that with so many offerings available, it does not take a genius to find the right one and well, that is going to help a lot.

With that out of the way, for anyone searching for pressure washing in Williamsburg, VA we are here to help you with your requirements but right now, we want to talk about the benefits of these services so you are prepared about the whole process.

They Are Quick

I think one of the best things about the professional services is the assurance that they are quick. Which means that you really do not have to worry whether something is extensive or not as they are always going to take care of things and will do it on time, as well. Sure, it does take some understanding but you will not have to worry much about it, in the first place.

They Do Excellent Work

One more thing is that with these professionals, you are looking at someone who is excellent in every regard and they will take care of your requirements. Sure, this might not be for everyone but if you are genuinely in search of something that is going to make life easier for you, then why not go ahead and hire someone who is good at what they do so you do not have to stress over anything. As long as you are fully prepared, you are good to go.

Things You Should Know About Obtaining a U.S. Citizenship

If you have been thinking about obtaining a U.S. citizenship, the good news is that it will actually be good for you and you cannot just go ahead and choose some random methods to obtain it, either. you have to go through the right due process before you can go ahead and get the process getting started, as well.

If you have some questions about us citizenship and you would want them to be cleared, we are here to help you, to be honest and we can take care of your queries, too. Just be sure that you are fully prepared to ask the questions so everything is done in the right way. Below, we are listing down some things you should know about the citizenship.

There Are Multiple Ways of Getting It

Ideally, we would want everyone to know that there are multiple ways of obtaining the citizenship. There really is no one shoe fits all approach, therefore, it is better that you are educating yourself the right way before you are fully invested as it is that important and you should not just overlook it, either. Rest assured, this is not going to be a difficult process for anyone.

The Process Takes Time

One more thing that you will have to understand is that the process itself takes time and you cannot really go without it. It would only make sense if you are fully prepared about this situation rather than going on a random route because that never really is the way to go as it can create some confusions for you. Go through the right process beforehand and you will be in much better and safer hands, that I can guarantee.

Qualities of an Accomplished Marketing Agency

A good marketing agency always works for the success of your business by increasing your brand’s awareness, and helps your potential customers make the right sales from your business.

Almost every marketing agency you hire should be able to do the basics right. However, there are a few qualities of some successful marketing agencies which are exclusive to only a few of them.

So, let’s take a look at a few of the best qualities of an accomplished marketing agency. You can also consider it online marketing agencies criteria for hiring.

They Have Dedicated Employees

A digital marketing agency depends solely on its marketing stuff for its long-term success. Every person in their employee list understands his responsibilities very well, and loves to collaborate with his colleagues in order to achieve the desired results.

So, for a marketing agency to be successful, they need to have staff members who are experts of their own fields.

They Have Impeccable Communication Skills

Good communication is the key whenever you have to hire an online marketing agency for your business. A successful marketing agency always makes sure that it communicates with you in the best way possible.

So, whenever you have to look for a digital marketing agency for your business, You should make sure that they have impeccable communication skills.

They’re Creative

Creativity is one of the most important things when it comes to creating an impeccable digital marketing campaign for any business. That is why every successful digital marketing agency is very creative as well.

That is why you should always hire A digital marketing agency which is creative in its marketing process, and brings more customers by introducing creative ideas.

Their Execution is Perfect

No matter how creative your ideas might be, you can never Transform your digital marketing campaign into a long-term success unless your execution is perfect.

So, hire a digital marketing agency who is known for its perfect execution.

Why a Rowing Machine Gives a Great Workout

Working out is really important if you want to be able to get strong and healthy for your later years in some way, shape or form. Running might seem like the best kind of exercise that you can end up going for, but it causes a lot of problems too. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that it does not really target your upper body at all, instead only building a small amount of endurance and muscle in your lower body and leaving it at that.

If you want to get a fully body workout in each and every day, you should consider buying the best rowing machine as quickly as you possibly can. The main benefit of using a rowing machine is that it targets your entire body. Your quads and calves are targeted when you push your body away from the machine, and the pulling motion builds strength and muscle mass in your arms, shoulders and back which is pretty much everything that you would ever need to end up focusing on.

Suffice it to say that rowing for about thirty minutes a day is going to result in you getting an absolutely ripped physique, the kind of which you would not have been able to acquire from anywhere else at all. There’s a lot that can be gained from using rowing machines, and we feel like it needs to be talked about a lot more since they have the potential to change the way we think about fitness and give people the chance to actually develop upper body strength for a change all in all.

Why Roof Insulation is The Most Important Thing For You to Do

You don’t have to insulate every single part of your home, and there is a pretty good chance that doing so would be relatively wasteful if you think about it. This is because of the fact that certain parts of your home are going to require more insulation than others, and if you were to focus on these parts you can save money on insulation costs and maximize the comfort levels that you would get to enjoy inside of your residential domicile as well on top of all of that.

In our opinion, getting room in roof insulation Scotland done should attain the very highest spot on your overall list of priorities. The truth of the situation is that if you insulate your roof, about half of the heat loss that would make your house too cold for comfort is going to go away for good. Getting your roof insulated can have a pretty widespread impact on your home in a way that you should really pay attention to because it has the potential to change your life and make you truly happy with the home that you have ended up in which you likely plan on living in for the rest of your life.

The fact of the matter is that a roof that has not been insulated will result in a highly inefficient home from an energy usage standpoint. There are certain requirements that have been put in place regarding insulation because we need to stop using so much electricity and gas among other resources, and adhering to these resources can help you to start living a much more sustainable life as well.

How to Find The Best Business Card Making Service

Finding a good business card making service is not that difficult, to be honest. Sure, there are a lot of these services available but that does not mean that you can go ahead and hire whichever comes to mind as not all of them are equal and choosing the right one is one of the more important things that you will need to look into.

With that said, it is better that you are handling such aspects a lot because without paying proper attention there, you might as well just choose someone who is not good with the job. That is why we suggest you look into Luxury Metal Kards so they can take care of your needs.

As for what makes a good business card service? Let’s have a look.

Years of Experience

All of this starts from years of experience and to be honest, it is better that you are hiring someone who has that much experience at hand. Not only will this make life easier for you but you will know that you are getting your cards made by someone who knows what they are doing rather than random service at best. It is all about convenience.

Great Ideas And Reviews

Another thing here is that you are getting someone who has great ideas about how to design business cards and years of review behind them, which is always a good thing, to be honest. You cannot really go wrong with such services, and therefore, hiring these services can always make your life a whole lot easier and simpler. So, do focus on these things before going ahead so you know that you are in the right hands when the time comes.

Never Make These Blunders When Hiring an Accountant

Hiring an accountant is a must no matter how small or large your business might be. However, you must do proper research and interview your potential accountant before hiring them for tax related services.

On the other hand, if you avoid doing property search, you might end up hiring a substandard accountant with insufficient knowledge and little to no experience. That will prove to be devastating for your business rather than helping it.

So, here are a few mistakes you can try avoiding when hiring an accountant.

Not Understanding Your Needs

One of the biggest mistakes you will make when hiring an accountant is not understanding your own needs. In order to hire the right accountant, you must understand what type of responsibilities you want the accountant to perform. For example, if you only need bookkeeping services, you are better off using and I’m certified yet experienced bookkeeper instead of hiring a full-time certified public accountant. That will save you a lot of money.

But, if you want your accountant to prepare your taxes, you must hire certified public accountants in Lakeview to avoid any penalties.

Skipping The Important Questions

Skipping the most important questions when hiring an accountant for your business can also prove to be a big mistake. For example, you must ask your accountant about their experience of working with businesses like yours. Moreover, ask them about their fee, and how they will charge you for their services.

Skipping important questions in the hiring process can lead to disagreements and clashes later on. So, ask the important questions at the right time to avoid damaging your business.

No Getting Reviews

Before hiring any accountant, you must get reviews about their service from their past clients. This is the best way to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your potential accountant.

Changing Tiles During a Bathroom Remodel

There are lots of things that you can do to remodel your bathroom. There is a pretty good chance that you have heard about people that change their walls to some extent when they are attempting to remodel their bathrooms, and the truth of the situation is that this is a pretty decent course of action for you to end up taking. But this is also a very overdone form of bathroom remodeling, one that you might just be better off avoiding. After all, you don’t want to follow the crowd now do you? You would much rather go for the option where you can forge your own path and potentially become some kind of a trendsetter in the process.

Becoming a trendsetter with your bathroom remodel is all about focusing on the floor instead of the walls. There are a number of tile types that would end up being significantly different from the norm, thereby turning into excellent examples of why we should really start taking this remodeling process seriously because not enough people seem to be going for these options.

The fact of the matter is that choosing grey tiles with some textured patterns on them would probably work best for you. This is because of the fact that the pattern that we have mentioned is very modern indeed. If you would rather go for something a bit more traditional, off white tones might work better for you. Not only are they great for making your tiles blend with their surroundings but they end up making your bathroom seem brighter and more spacious as well. These are just some of the things that you can do to improve your bathroom.

Things to Consider Before Removing Dents From Your Car

I will be honest with you here. Dealing with dents in your car is never an easy experience because it is an ordeal that people do not want to go through. However, accidents happen all the time and you do not want to go ahead and experience something like that, to begin with. The good news is that if you are facing something like that, you can always get professional help of people who will take care of things for you.

You can look at nationwide dent removal services so they can come over and assist you in the matter but right now, the focus is on what things you should consider before you get started with the dent removal process.

How Severe is The Dent?

Here is the thing, if the dent happens to be on the severe side, it is better that you are hiring someone to do it for you. Now, the thing that you must understand is that if the dent is not at an extreme level, you can just fix it yourself provided you have the right set of tools but if it is severe, hiring someone for it would be ideal.

Calling The Professionals

Additionally, you can even call the professionals for help because let’s be honest, they are going to do the job better than you and things are not really going to get out of way. Just be sure that you are calling someone who actually is a professional and there is not much to worry about because once that is handled, there really is not much to stress over. I would always advise everyone to follow through with this as it is important to know about these things.

A Tip For Towing

People frequently need to get their car towed, and there are a number of possibilities that could necessitate the acquisition of such a service for you. In spite of the fact that this is the case, you might not really know what kind of preparation process is actually required in order to make towing an exceedingly safe activity for you to take part in. Indeed, it has become increasingly common for people to start paying more attention to this because they have realized that inadequate towing preparation can usually cause a lot more harm than good at the end of the day.

It is important to note that the key aspect of preparing for car removals that you should look into would involve you removing all of your belongings from said vehicle. The towing company can’t be held responsible for damage that occurs due to items that were left inside the car. These items are going to rattle around and knock into things, so the least that you can do is to try and secure them so that they don’t move around quite as much.

While it is understandable, that you probably have far too many concerns to want to have to think about something of this sort, at the same time you must familiarize yourself with the pitfalls of not giving enough time to maximizing safety levels during the towing process. A lot of towing companies have started to advise their customers to remove their belongings before it’s too late, and you should pay heed to their advice as it can do a lot of good for you. Not doing so would damage both the belongings as well as your car.

Getting Lawyered Up

A common misconception that TV and other forms of media have perpetuated is that getting a lawyer immediately after having criminal charges pressed against is a sign of a guilty conscience and that innocent people don’t do this. This is bad and impractical advice. Yes, you should not have to worry as much if you are innocent, but, you need to remember that you have to keep yourself protected because innocent people can be cajoled into a confession by detectives without realizing it. This is where a criminal lawyer will ensure that you are safe and being treated fairly by the law. If you happen to be looking for legal representation, then you can check out the Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson Profile.

You want a criminal lawyer that has experience dealing with cases that are similar to yours. There are different types of crimes that fall under criminal law, so you want to ask potential lawyers whether or not they have prior experience handling cases that are similar to yours. This includes the type of charge, the type of crime, and your actual plea status. If you are satisfied with their experience and expertise, you can then proceed to go over the details of your case and have them guide you about how you should approach the matter.

Your lawyer will be next to you during interrogations and will prevent officers or detectives from crossing the line. They will also take care of the paperwork if any, and then appropriately educate you about the matter, and what you should expect in court and trial if necessary. At the end of the day, the detectives are just trying to do their job, and you want to do yours, which is to ensure that you are protected and safe.